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Shame is Optional. Learn to Trust Your Instincts and Avoid the Repeated Mistakes of Relationship Downfalls.


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Meet Juanita

    Survivor, Author, and Mindset Coach

After years of failed attempts to break the cycle of shame, Juanita Albin finally found her voice and ended self-destructive behaviors. She now works tirelessly with clients paralyzed by trauma, to get off the hampster wheel of self-sabotage and start living. Whether it's due to toxic relationships or domestic violence, Juanita helps others identify and disarm shame, and learn to trust their instincts.


No longer do victims need to believe the lie that something broken is better than nothing at all. There comes a time when we must love ourselves more than we fear our futures.  Juanita loves helping others heal from past hurt, protect inner peace, and seek healthy habits. Remember, it all starts with the with the story we tell ourselves about what we deserve.


Successfully  Leading

Others To

Set Relational Boundaries

Find Inner Peace and Create Healthy Habits

Avoid Damaging Relationships

Practice Self-Love

Walk In Victory and Emotional Restoration

"Stop Believing the Lie That Something Broken is Better Than Nothing At All" - Juanita

If you’re seeking a real coach with a gift, then look no further! Juanita has the rare ability to not only see the individual in front of her, but to also see the big picture and connect the dots. She empowers people to own their stories while feeling supported and nurtured through the process.

-Michelle H.

Juanita is a healer and genuinely desires leading others to peace and wholeness. Once in a blue moon, there are individuals who come into your life, shake things up a bit, quickly navigate your story, and know EXACTLY what you need to move forward. This is Juanita Albin.

-Kelly M.

Juanita's light shines bright, and she shows others how to follow theirs. We all have a story to tell, and it's her calling to be a voice for those who have none. Looking for a gifted transformational coach? If you're ready to draw strength from pain, your journey begins with her.  Juanita is the coach for you!

-Carmen F.

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